Tuesday, 9 June 2009

All About Mobility Vehicles

One of the best ways for a disabled person to move around independently is through Mobility Vehicles. These vehicles enable them to do the tasks they want with ease and confidence. No longer do they have to depend on someone to find the time, to perform the things they need. They can use a Mobility Vehicle to the same themselves.

If you are interested in getting a mobility vehicle, you have to carefully look into many factors so that you choose one that is right for your requirements. Here are a couple of points that you need to go over:

Look into the vehicle’s controls. Are the controls put together in a group way, which minimizes the users need to stretch and reach out for them? Look for controls with buttons than knobs as buttons are better to use by the disabled than knobs. If you see a vehicle with touch screen facilities and voice activated controls and it is within your budge, better opt for this instead of the usual vehicles with knobs or even button controls.

Check if the vehicle has a dash-mounted ignition. This is especially important in the case of those who have a problem with moving their upper body parts. It offers an easy way of starting the vehicle than a steering-wheel mounted ignition. You an also check if the model offers a keyless ignition feature.

It’s always easier to handle a vehicle with power locks and power windows, because one button can get the window up or down, as required and lock door in an instant. For example, one hand can be on the steering wheel and another can be on the window, while the power window feature brings down a window when the vehicle arrives at a toll booth.

Better to go in for a vehicle with automatic transmission, instead of one with manual transmission. Those using a wheelchair will find an automatic transmission vehicle easier to handle than a manual transmission one.

Vehicles with remote keyless entries are easier to get into. They go not need the user to place a key into the lock for opening the door, which can be difficult for people with certain types of disabilities. The doors must also have wide opening to also for free and easy entry and exit into and from the vehicle.

It is better to go in for a mobility vehicle with steering column-mounted shifters that provide buttonless shifting, than one with a button shifter. People with upper-body disabilities find a button-based shifter difficult to handle. If you look at the Toyota Prius and BMW 7 Series, you will find them to come with shifters that are easy-to-handle and also which are buttonless.

The vehicle’s pedals must be adjustable ones. This way the user can adjust their seating position so that they can use the pedals as they deem is right for their disabilities. In case of a person with stiff lower limbs, such a facility will offer considerable comfort in handling the vehicle.

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